Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Brooklyn Book

Amanda over at More With Music is a Music Therapist with a GREAT blog full of ideas on getting our kiddos involved with music. She recently did this post and we were chatting via email and she offered to write Brooklyn her "All About Me" song. WE LOVE IT!!
She put the music to a power point and then suggested that I print it out to make it into a book, which I did and Brooklyn loves it!
Thank you again Amanda!!
I wanted to post some pictures of a few of the pages to show you all how wonderful it is:


Grammy said...

Will you be able to put the song on the blog? Brooklyn will love sharing this at school!


Cheffie-Mom said...

How wonderful! I love it!

Sara x said...

Gosh,how wonderful and how kind. It feels your heart when you realise what kind caring people there are in the world x

kristin said...

I am going to come over soon so I can see your book! It looks AWESOME!!

Amanda Ellis, MT-BC said...

So glad you like the book..and the song! I wanted to offer to write a song for Brooklyn because you guys are so positive and such great parents with Brooklyn! Keep up the great work! :)