Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Preschool Photos

Brooklyn is LOVING preschool!
I wanted to be sure to post this picture because I know all the Rett Moms out there will LOVE these communication aprons! Every staff member in Brooklyn's room wears these - they have printed off choices from BoardMaker. They are a terrific way to help Brooklyn communicate.
Be sure to notice the "potty" picture - Brooklyn is doing AMAZING with potty training. I have her teachers to thank for that. To be honest I had put no effort into starting training but when they started at school OF COURSE I started at home and she is doing fantastic! Her diaper stays dry just about all day long.
This picture is Brooklyn and her best buddy Jessica at snack time! Brooklyn and Miss Gillie - all smiles as usual - man this kiddo LOVES school!


Avery said...

brookie bean I do believe your face looks fuller---could you have gained some weight finally!?!?!?

Kel--nice bangs on brookie bean :)

Ashland Benner said...

Brooklyn, Kelly, and Charlie, It makes me heart smile to see these pictures. I love that Brooklyn loves school, and love even more that her teachers are so accomodating with her. The aprons are so cool. And, we LOVE that she is potty training so well :-) I think once kids know what it feels like to be dry, they sometimes refuse to potty in their diaper, because being dry feels so good. Anyway, you're family makes our hearts so happy!

And Brooklyn, You have got one pretty cool Pappy. Have fun at the Wiggles this weekend!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I told you messed them up Carrie!! We are going to go attemot to get them fixed today.Charlie took pictures and wants to do his own blog post - UGH!
I admit - I did HORRIBLE, usually they are fine. oops....bad mommy!

Kevin Carr said...

She is so happy! Her smile is contagious! Can I just say I LOVE board maker!

Hugs to you all,
Kelly and Owen

Cheffie-Mom said...

I LOVE how happy Brooklyn is! I'm sooo glad she is enJOYing school! Give her a great big hug for me!

Sam and Finn said...

Brooklyn you look SO happy!! Love that big smile!!!! Cutie pie as always!!!!

TonyaMarie said...

The communication aprons are a fantastic idea! Looks like Brooklyn is having a super time in school too. Love her smiles!

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn's school sounds amazing. I love the idea of the communication aprons.

The MacDonald Family said...

Kelly thank you for continuing to give me ideas to steal! ;0) I was just brainstorming ideas of how the preschool staff could communicate more with Annie and this is just perfect! Brooklyn looks so thrilled to be at school!