Monday, December 22, 2008

We are SO excited about Brooklyn's new High/Lo Chair. Well, we already had the tumbleform but we recently purchased the High/Lo frame on EBay. This piece of equipment is a $1200 chair that I was able to buy for $225!! Special needs equipment is all SO expensive so I was thrilled to get such a bargain. It is awesome!! It will sure help daddy, mommy and Grammy's backs too!

We want to thank all of our friends and family that joined us for Brooklyn's Fundraiser this summer, we used some money from the event to get this great chair for her.

I wanted to take a picture with the tray on it to - perfect for holding toys, books, or switches!


Caitlyn said...

That is soooo cool! I hope it works great to save your backs! That is an issue here too...It causes me to not want to go anywhere, because getting Caitlyn in and out of the car is so difficult now...Enjoy the new chair!

Grammy said...

Kelly, that high low frame is awesome! I can't wait to see it in person. It looks like it will go right up to the table....I'll see it in the morning. Hope everyone is feeling a little better. I am, but I have slept most of the day!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm the eBay seller that sold the High/Low chair to Brooklyn's parents. I'm thrilled that it went to someone who can utilize it so effectively! I teach preschoolers with disabilities, and I almost kept it to use in my classroom. However, I decided to put it on eBay so that a family could benefit from it. I knew it would be the perfect chair for that special someone!

Karlie Grace said...

That's awesome Kelly! I'm so happy that you were able to find this on ebay, it will be a great help. The price was fantastic!

Megan said...

You look so cute in that chair! I can't wait to come see it. I hope your whole family gets to feeling better! Maybe I'll stop by for a visit here before too long. Hopefully Santa brings you lots of goodies!

Avery said...

beanie you are such a big girl! You look much better than you did in yesterdays post!

Hugs from 'bama!

Anonymous said...

Judging from most recent pix it looks like your new chair makes you feel better!! And as Megan says you have to feel better for Santa's visit ... I love you ...