Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanks Avery (Carrie and GiGi too!)

Brooklyn got a WONDERFUL Christmas present from her friend Avery......ELMO!!! Brooklyn LOVES it! We finally had to take it away from her so she would go down for a nap. She is feeling a little bit better today - I just wish we could get rid of her cough! I think Elmo is making her feel MUCH better or at least making her smile for a little while!!


Avery said...

Im soo glad you like it Brookie-bean! Hope it makes you feel a bit better!
Love ya!
Averdoo and Carrie

Grammy said...

Elmo was definitely a hit at the Butler house! I haven't seen her smile like that for a couple of days! That Elmo is awesome...it fell over, I picked it up and it thanked me! Awesome. I see some competition ahead for the Wiggles!


Kelly Carr said...

She is so beautiful! We hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Kelly and boys

Beth said...

Merry christmas from the Bredens to you all. Kelly is also going to get Elmo this yesr. she always claps when he comes on during sesame street. Kelly is coughing too. she now has a cold after having a stomach virus for three weeks.. Which landed her in the hospital for five days. We're so happy she's home even if she's coughing like crazy. Kisses and hugs from our girls to your girl.

AlyssaGrace said...

It is good to see a smile on
Broolyn's face. Alyssa will be getting Elmo from Santa in the morning. : ) Hope that you all are haveing a wonderful christmas and lots of smiles.