Monday, September 22, 2008

Race Cars!!!

Brooklyn had SO much fun riding in the "race cars" with daddy this weekend!

Wells Fargo had their fall district party this weekend and part of the event gave Brooklyn the opportunity to ride in a race car.......I was a bit nervous at first but she LOVED it. I was not able to really get a good picture because it was dark in there and they were fast once they hit the track! I can promise you though - there was nothing but huge smiles all day! When we were not on the track she was looking over daddy's shoulder looking at the track (I told you her eye gaze is amazing) we KNEW she wanted to ride again! I think I have a dare devil on my hands!

You can BARELY see her little head (look down by Charlie's elbow)Proof that she is in there! Here she is getting buckled in!I am not sure who had more fun!She did let daddy ride the faster carts too.


Cheffie-Mom said...

How fun! Go Brooklyn, Go!

Grammy said...

All the little boys in Brooklyn's preschool were duly impressed with her race car pictures! She had them sitting on the edge of their seats during show and tell!!!!


Kelly said...

How fun!! I'll have to trust your word that Brooklyn really is in that first photo!

Colleen said...

Brooklyn you little dare devil, so glad that you got to go fast!

abbysworld said...

You guys are so great. I don't think I could of watched!
Love that last pic of Daddy. What a big kid!