Friday, August 22, 2008

Headed to Atlanta

I fly out for Atlanta tomorrow.

I am meeting my boss for the first time on Monday. I can't wait! I also can't believe that I have worked for Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. for over a month already! I can honestly say this is the best job I have ever had!

An added bonus is that Carrie is flying up to Atlanta to meet me and hang out for the weekend too. I am so excited to see her again too, it will be weird not having our girls with us (but I bet we get more sleep!) might not get a new post from me until Tuesday (I know that is a LONG time isn't it?!) So until then, I leave you with an ADORABLE picture of Little Miss Brooklyn.


Avery said...

she looks like such a big girl! her looks have changed just since we became friends. So sweet!
Brooklyn, take good care of your dad. Have a blast in Cincy!

Susy said...

Have a good trip!

Sam and Finn said...

We know you miss your Mommy Brooklyn! We miss you both! Can't wait to see you guys next month!