Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brooklyn's first day of Preschool

Brooklyn was pumped ALL morning about going to school. She is in the afternoon session this year. In the car and ready to go!
She is holding George in this picture, who is one of her classmates best buddies. It was pretty special that he let her hold him!
Leaning in for a kiss with Grammy.
Brooklyn LOVES preschool!!

We were lucky enough to take her last year for three weeks once she turned three, that was enough time to prove to use that she was going to love it there. I can't say enough wonderful things about her teacher and both of her aides. They are wonderful and love her dearly. Not to mention that Grammy is a class "room mom" too!!
She is in a special needs class with 5 other kiddos, all boys (so...they ALL pay her LOTS of attention.) There is a little girl starting next week ~ I am glad that there will be another little girl for her to connect with.
We have a journal that goes back and forth with her from home so we can let her classmates and teacher know about all the fun things we do each evening as well as they keep us up to date with her daily activities at school. We also program her switch each evening for her to "talk" during share time.
Once a week she can bring something in for show and tell. We think the first item will be the helmet she wears for horseback riding since that is one of her FAVORITE things to do right now.
A good first day.....we are looking forward to the school year!


Avery said...

ahh, Brooklyn you are so cute and so smart! Even if you werent the only girl they would pay you lots of attention, you are 1 special kid!

Grammy said...

Preschool was Awesome! Brooklyn had a big smile on her face the whole time. She really missed everyone and just beamed when she came in the door! It's good to be back and I'm sure Brooklyn agrees.


Colleen said...

Brooklyn, Claire and I are so excited that you get to go to preschool and that the first day went well.

Brittney Withers said...

How fun!!! Zowie loves preschool too. What a neat mom you have...I bet it's nice having her their so you don't have to worry about Brooklyn.

What is the name of your switch board....I would love to get one.

georgiamom said...

Yay for school! There is something to be said about being the only girl, I bet Brooklyn is a hit!

I LOVE the journal idea. I wish Riley's school had something like that!

Alisa said...

We knew you'd love it and do a super job! Those jeans you were on the first day are sooo cute! Such a trend setter you are Brookie Bean!
Ava and Andersen

Beth said...

Congrats on preschool. Kelly loves it too. She doesn't start back until Sept.3rd so we get another week and a half together. she had extended school for six weeks during the summer though.
Brooklyn looks so happy and having grandma there is so great.
Thanks for posting on my blog too. I've notice so much Kelly has been doing since she's home on vacation. We see Dr. Percy at the visiting Rett clinic in NJ on Sunday and can't wait to brag about my little angel. Hugs from us to you.