Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Occupational Therapy

Brooklyn had OT today. Brooklyn is a big flirt with John, he gets her to do lots of hard work! You can see that when we hold her left arm she has greater use our of her right hand (which is her dominant hand) Harley (our dog) seems to really like John too...

Once we got the dog out of the way Brooklyn was pushing this toy truck across the desk! Yeah Brooklyn!
We will not have John coming to the house anymore because Brooklyn starts preschool on Thursday. Where has the summer gone????


abbysworld said...

She looks very comfortable with him. She is so sweet!

Alisa said...

We wanted to wish you an early "GOODLUCK AT PRESCHOOl BROOKLYN". You will do SUPER and I bet you love your teachers! Mommy will feel so good knowing you are at a place that is so good for you and we will all be watching the fun things you do there. Our mommy is waiting until monday for our evaluation to see if we qualify to go to the special needs school here in Ohio. We'll keep you posted. We can't wait to start too!
Parker Twins

Lesley said...

Sometimes I have to pry the grip of Sarah's left hand from her right one so she can do what she wants to do with the right one.
Interesting how that works, huh?
That left hand is very insistent on keeping the right hand quiet.

SeairaLaNae said...

How cute is that!! Seaira is a big flirt too!! Summer has gone fast hasn't it!
I hope she has a wonderful school year!