Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back in the swing of things....

I really missed my evening walks with Charlie and Brooklyn while I was in Chicago. She has been sticking her leg out straight like this during our walks, mostly when she is barefoot(I think to feel the wind on her foot) but last night she was doing even though her socks were on
Part of our walk includes a stop at our neighbor's (and Charlie's boss) house. They have two HUGE dogs that Brooklyn (and our dog Harley) loves! This is Selah (yes, named after the Christian Band)
Here is Harley, Simmion, and Selah. While I was in Chicago Harley went in the fence and played with them, I think she was trying to talk us into letting her in with her buddies again!
Then, of course an adorable "after bath" picture to melt you heart.
As much as I REALLY enjoyed my trip to Chicago for the conference, I have to admit, it is so wonderful to be home and back to our daily routine!

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Avery said...

silly girl!

I can't wait to give you a squeeze in person, we will have SO much fun!