Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One more post about the conference

I came across a link from the conference that I wanted to be sure to post.
Susan Norwell was to me one of the most inspiring/encouraging presenters at the conference. I think maybe because communication is so hard for our girls and I want SO BADLY to communicate with Brooklyn. Susan reminded us to "teach to their intellect, not to their bodies." I actually want everyone to communicate with her as well as her to be able to communicate with all of you!
Susan's website is http://www.focusedlearningsolutions.com/ I hope everyone checks it out. The site is still "under construction" but there is already TONS of great stuff on there! She has quite a few videos posted of her working with girls with Rett Syndrome. Also, she links to lots of other fantastic sites!
Check out her website and be inspired!

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Kay said...

Brooklyn is so perfect! I love all of the pictures and videos. It inspires me to add more to Jade's blog :) I'm glad you went to the conference. I debated going (mostly because I have friends in Chicago), but my husband works crazy hours every holiday weekend. I look forward to seeing all of the posts about it from the RettNet. Thanks for posting other princesses photos!