Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick Story

Tuesday night I was reading books with Brooklyn and Charlie was fixing her milk. He was talking about how he puts FOUR scoops of the strawberry Nestle Quick in her milk. I said, "honey that is too much - she will not like it. I only put ONE scoop in. Brooklyn will think it is way too sweet!" He handed me the milk, Brooklyn takes a HUGE gulp of milk and proceeds with a "MMMMMMM!" I guess she told me! Seems like she prefers that daddy mix her milk now!
I hear ya Brooklyn....four scoops it is!


Avery said...

That will fatten her up! Avery is at 26 lbs this morning!!!

Jessica said...

Yay Brooklyn!! You sure know what you want!

BUT.. at the same time, this post does not convince me that dads know better than us moms! Sure... every now and again they *might* but really..!? ;)

Sam and Finn said...

Mmmmmmmm is right!