Monday, March 10, 2008

I love my Kaboost!

My Grammy found me the COOLEST thing at Target tonight. It is called a Kaboost! I am too big for my high chair but the "regular" dining room chairs have me sitting too low. The Kaboost makes it perfect! Along with my chair cushions....I am set!
Thanks Grammy!


Kelly said...

I'd seen this advertised in a magazine. Nice to see it works well!

kristin said...

Kel, I can not wait to see it! Mom was telling me how amazing it is. I'll check it out this week!

Rebecca said...

Please tell your mommy to tell my mommy to get me something like this. I still have to sit in my high chair, and my feet are way past the foot rest. She says it is because I would slide off of a regular chair. You look so tall in that chair. Also, mommy was wondering where you got the chair cusion.