Friday, October 7, 2011


Tara said...

This is SO sweet! SHE is so sweet! I'm doing a post about awareness - I'm planning on including this picture for Rett syndrome awareness. Let me know if that's not okay. Thanks!

Tara :)

B said...

I'm a college student in kentucky studying pre-med. I'm taking genetics as one of my classes this fall semester and have really enjoyed it. We were assigned to pick a genetic problem and do a presentation on it. So we decided on Rett syndrome, neither one of us had ever heard of it but after doing some research we decided that it was defiantly one that needed to be talked about. I came across this blog while looking for some information and it has truely inspired me. I cant believe how strong the families are that are dealing with this issue. This picture literally brought tears to my eyes, not because its a sad pictures, but because I was so happy for her. I also work at a daycare and she reminds me so much of one of the little girls that I have in my room, she doesn't like her condition hinder anything and shes always smiling and laughing. I can see that it seems Brooklyn does the same. I am very thankful that I found this syndrome to bring awareness too and I'm also thankful for this blog for putting things into perspective for me. Thank you so much! Stay strong because we are all pulling for you Brooklyn! You're a beautiful little girl and I can't wait until that find that cure! Its people like you that remind me why I want to be a doctor!