Wednesday, October 12, 2011

72 hour video eeg

We are now in our final 24 hours of the 72 hour video eeg.
We have caught a couple of the episodes on video which is good - today we caught the worst one I have ever seen. It is good that we got in on film but horrible to watch Brooklyn go through it. The eeg will determine if these episodes are seizures or not. What else might they be??? Well Rett Syndrome throws a lot at us actually. Our girls deal with autonomic dysfunction which is also a possibility. The episodes have gotten stronger and more consistent with the feeding tube which could mean her body is not use to all of the calories and nutrients and is having trouble dealing with this increase. Also, she is on Lexapro for anxiety and that needs to be increased with her weight options are pretty much endless but ruling out seizures is step number one. Brooklyn has been a TROOPER through all of this. She is MY HERO.

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