Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our EEG Experience

Monday morning we were at the hospital BRIGHT and EARLY for Brooklyn's 24 hour video EEG. Of course with all of the snow and ice our typical 30 minute trip was an hour but we made it safely!
Brooklyn has been having some "vacant" spells - I am pretty sure that it is just "a Rett thing" but we want to be sure. She has had some at school that I think might actually be some breath holding episodes but of course when a child is not breathing and the lips turn blue it tends to worry people! Can't say I blame them!
So, now the EEG is done and so we wait.....will let you know when we get the results. Until then here are some pics of our experience.

She was ALL smiles once they were done messing with her and she finally had her "princess crown" on.She actually slept quite a bit. I think she was a little bit stressed, plus turns out she was getting sick :(
Here we had 3 more hours to go -
The CRAZY hair after everything was off!
After 30 hours in the hospital she was OVER IT!
Then the REAL fun.....getting all that goopy glue out of her long, beautiful hair!
We survived the experience and pray that our results show NO seizure activity. Rett Syndrome tortures her poor little body enough as it is we really hate to add this to the list too. Thank you all for your encouragement through this process, you all are great!


Carrie and Avery said...

she looks SO much like jackson in the tubby picture!!! wow! have never seen him in her before! glad its behind you.... onward and upward!

Divine Mrs D said...

Wow! I pray that everything is all right. Lots of love :)

Wifey said...

Hope it comes back clear! It's something that is always on the back of my mind... I'm hoping we don't have those added to our list either!

Brooklyn seems pretty mellow. Has she always been that way? Did you ever have trouble with anxiety? Nora has been sooo anxious lately it seems. Grinding her teeth SO hard and hitting her face a lot and wringing her hands harder than usual. I feel so bad for her to see her like this. Just wondering...

Loved the video of the view photo shoot. That was so exciting!

Kristy J.