Friday, February 25, 2011

DU2C 2011 - Team Brooklyn!!

Team Brooklyn is THRILLED to join GP2C in our fourth year of Dress Up 2 Cure!!
We have again set our goal at $10,000 which I know is a HUGE amount. Each year I hesitate to set this large of a goal and each year my friends and family (and heck, even total strangers) ALWAYS come through for us!

The truth is, I can't set a price on getting my daughter back. Lets face it, research is expensive and without research and organizations like Girl Power 2 Cure Brooklyn might be "trapped" in her body forever!
SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE! Most of you know that in 2007 Rett Syndrome was REVERSED in an animal model! Now in 2011, researchers all over the world are working daily to transfer those results into viable treatments and a CURE for our girls.
There are hopes that within five to ten years we will have our cure! However, organizations like GP2C and these researchers need our support and that is why we have joined forces with GP2C!!
PLEASE, without your support we will not reach our goal, imagine in 10 years Brooklyn will be fifteen. What I wouldn't give to have a CURED little girl headed into high school!

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