Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunshine in my soul

My friend and fellow Rett mommy Maren has an amazing blog that she keeps for her daughter Leah. Yesterday her post moved me to tears. I asked if it would be ok if I shared it here on my blog too. It is about a friend of hers that was teaching a Sunday school lesson and here is what the manual said:

"Tell about a girl named Heather Erickson. She had such a severe disease that she had very little control of her body. The only way she could communicate was by her family asking her questions. If the answer was “yes,” she would look directly at the speaker, and if the answer was “no,” she would blink. Heather and her family became very good at communicating this way. Heather’s special love for Jesus, in spite of her physical handicaps, was often expressed in her communications. One day her speech therapist asked Heather what her favorite song was. Heather became excited and was anxious for her therapist to know what song it was that she loved most. After three days of searching and asking questions, the song was finally identified. It was “There Is Sunshine in My Soul Today” (Hymns, no. 227).

"The last two lines, 'And Jesus listening can hear / The songs I cannot sing,' was Heather’s favorite part. Her therapist asked, “Heather, is that it? Is that what you like about the song? Is it what you want me to know? That Jesus is listening and He can hear the songs you cannot sing?” Heather lifted her head and looked her therapist straight in the eyes with excitement and yet almost relief evident on her face. The testimony had been borne. (Adapted from Bruce and Joyce Erickson, When Life Doesn’t Seem Fair [1995], pp. 49–55.)"

(to read Maren's entire post click HERE)

WOW - reading this was a reminder that Jesus DOES hear the songs that Brooklyn cannot sing and the words she cannot speak. HE knows her feelings on the days that I, as her mommy, can't. I can't wait for the day our cure is found when I can hear her songs too!

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Divine Mrs D said...

That is absolutely beautiful!!