Friday, December 3, 2010

Counting to 20

In kindergarten they are working on counting to 20. We adapt the homework since Brookie can't write in her numbers. We made the numbers 1-20 on pieces of paper and then have her eye gaze out of four choices to fill in the next blank. She was FLYING through them so it took me to the number 12 before I realized that I should be recording her doing this!!! She is a little smarty pants!
You will notice that Grammy actually misses Brooklyn picking out the correct answer twice :) Proof that even those of us that are around her all the time can miss her gaze - she is QUICK when she knows the answer!!! I will try to start filming more of her homework to show you all how she is learning and showing us too
For you Rett moms watching this....our girls ARE IN THERE! You have to be patient and help them show you.


Caroline said...

that video is WONDERFUL! I totally agree our girls ARE in there and they are smart cookies too! We just have to teach the world to see them as we do. Go Brooklyn,you're a star xx

Divine Mrs D said...

That is great!!

Anne said...

That is so awesome!!

Grammy said...

Watching this video was really a learning experience for me! As much as I talk with Brooklyn, even I miss her gaze. She is so quick to gaze, looking at the selection while I am still asking her the question. Then, I guess, I don't think she has looked at them I need to be quicker catching her gaze and Brooklyn needs to be a little slower and hold her gaze longer lol!
We are working on her holding her gaze by telling her to count to three slowly in her head while she is looking at her answer. Generally she gives me an eye-roll when I remind her....such a typical kindergartener! I try to tell her I am getting old and need more time to see her answer, but I don't think she is buying it.
As you can see, our girls CAN communicate, we just need to be patient and let them do it in their way and time. Try different ways to see what works, then sit back and have the best time of your life as you "hear" what she has to tell you. As we have found out, it isn't always what you want, or excect to hear!
Brookie Beanie, you have taught your Grammy a whole lot more than she has ever taught you!! I love you a "Bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck" xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Zenaida said...

Brookie you made my day! You are so smart! I love to see our girls in action.

Lesley said...

First of all,there is the familiar sound of the teeth grinding-lol. Secondly, I am very impressed with Brookie's ability to stop all her 'movements' when she purposefully makes a choice with eyegaze. The effort that takes must be monumental.
She is coming right along Grammy!

Lesley, mum to Sarah


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Wifey said...

That's so awesome! I don't feel like I give Nora enough chances to show me she's in there. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. There's sooooo much I need to learn! Way to go Brooklyn. I'm having fun catching up on your blog!