Sunday, June 7, 2009

The last of this years preschool pics

Brooklyn has LOVED preschool this year! I can't say enough wonderful things about it! I think she is ready for fall already :)
This picture is of Brooklyn working with her Grooved Communicator to make choices.
Brooklyn making her snack, and apple roll up!Brooklyn and Charlie with their flowers for their moms for the last day of school!Daddy, Brooklyn, and Mommy at the last day of school party!The aides at the school sent every family home with a photo album filled of wonderful pictures of their child throughout the school year, what a precious gift to have. I love mine! I want to thank EVERYONE who has worked with Brooklyn over the past year, you are all such a special part of her life! Thank you for loving her and believing in her!


Rettwecan! said...

How awesome. Abby's school sent her home with one in a yearbook type format but not this year.
I bet it was a wonderful surprise. SHe looks so happy.

Grammy said...

I know Brooklyn will miss preschool and all her friends! We will just have to work hard and do a lot of fun things. Maybe we can hang out with Jackson and Jordan sometime.

I am excited to try out some of the ideas Susan gave will be fall and time for school before we know it!


Matt Leckrone said...

The family looks great! Can't wait to see you!