Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today has been a BEAUTIFUL day. It is so nice to be outside in the fresh air. In case the smile doesn't give it away, Brooklyn LOVES that the weather is nice enough to be outside!

Brooklyn and Harley enjoying the sunshine :)
Brooklyn is finally feeling better - she has slept through the night the past TWO nights (YAY!) I am so glad because we leave on Wednesday for Alabama to visit Carrie and Avery :)
Prior to that though, we have Brooklyn's IEP meeting on Tuesday. I am not worried about it, Brooklyn is so blessed to be surrounded by teachers, aides, and therapists that FULLY believe in her and want what is best for her - it is such a relief! Especially when I hear so many other Rett families nightmare stories with their kiddos. I will still be glad when it is over though - it is just "one of those things" that no mommy likes to go through!
I hope you ALL are having a great weekend and enjoying this beautiful sunshine. Big Hugs from the Butlers!


Avery said...

cute pics! Im soo jealous though---your grass is so lush! hot and dry alabama summers ruin ours. cant wait to see ya'll!

Grammy said...

Being around Brookie all the time, I guess I don't realize how long her hair is!!! It looks so pretty in the pictures. Glad you three, or should I say four, had a nice afternoon in the sunshine. See you tomorrow morning.


Cheffie-Mom said...

BIG smiles !! Weather here is rainy and cold. Isn't that funny? I think our states switched places. Seeing the Indiana rocks around your tree reminded me that all but one of the rocks I gathered while on our stroll with Brooklyn when I was in town, made it to Texas. (I had to leave the "big 4 pound rock" at my brother-in-laws house in Chicago.) One of these days he'll find it in his bushes and wonder how it got there !! GLAD BROOKLYN IS FEELING BETTER !! (PS: Watched Clint Black promoting Rett Syndrome last night on the Apprentice.)

Ann Marie said...

Hello. Let me just say that Brooke is absolutely adorable. I came across your blog when my Abby was diagnosed with Rett last April, also at her second birthday. Your blog has helped me understand Rett, and your links have given me very useful information. Reading your entries have been an inspiration. I just wanted to say "thanks" and congratulate you on your (soon to be) new addition. It will be so exciting to watch the special relationship that Brooke will have with her little brother or sister. Seeing the bond form between Abby and her little brother Logan has been amazing. Even at 3 months, her already lights up when he sees her smile. Best of Luck, Ann Marie