Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brookie Bean and I made it to Alabama safe and sound. She was a GREAT little traveler, she made me proud! We were a little delayed leaving Atlanta but no major issues...except that some of my clothes in my suitcase were soaked - it was raining pretty hard in Atlanta and my suitcase must have sat outside for awhile before being loaded onto the plane :) Oh well...nothing the dryer can fix!
It is so great to see Carrie and Avery again - there is something so great about being around another "rett family!" Plus I finally got to meet That and Cole! We are looking forward to a great time....stay tuned for lots of pictures to come!!


Grammy said... cute are they? Have fun feeding the gaters today.....don't get too close lol!


Brittney Withers said...

Have fun! Looks like those two were made to be friends :)

Avery said...

avery looks so big I think she was leaning in towards Aunt Kel!