Friday, May 29, 2009

Preschool Photos

Yesterday at Preschool they each made a "rain stick." I LOVE this picture of Brooklyn - she held the marker all by herself for about 6 seconds, I know that does not sound like much but that is AWESOME progress for a little girl with very little control over her hands (I am one proud momma!)

Here she is dumping the rice into her rain stick.Making sure it is all in there :)
Finally, done, so we can play!!!


Ashland Benner said...

Brooklyn, Being able to hold the marker by yourself is SO AWESOME! We are super proud of you!

Brittney Withers said...

6 seconds! Wow, way to go Brooklyn :) I LOVE when Zowie comes home with art projects....I keep every single one of them.

Janet said...

Wow Brooklyn, Make mommy pretty pictures with that marker.