Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brooklyn will begin working with an Augmentative Communication team at preschool next year, which I am SO THRILLED about! The best part is that they all BELIEVE in Brooklyn and know that she is a smart little girl and want to help her communicate! (You Rett moms know how refreshing that is!!) Of course it is not all "work," this day at school they were trying out a head switch and Brooklyn was playing with a remote controlled bus and a bubble machine. I think Grammy was more excited than Brooklyn when she used the switch for the first time!

This pictures shows the head switch pretty clearly.
I love that Brooklyn wants to control her environment and make her own decisions, I just want to help her do that more frequently and with the greatest amount of ease! I look forward to working with the Aug Comm team for sure!
Also....MORE great news!!
Susan Norwell has rescheduled our appointment with her for next week! We are thrilled!! I will follow up with more about that after our meeting :)


Cheffie-Mom said...

Ooooohhhhh! I am soooo excited for Brooklyn !! And you and Suzy too! Wow !! I can just imagine it all. A couple days ago I was looking thru the pixs I snapped at music class when I was in town. Hugs to y'all !!

Lesley said...

That's wonderful! We are on that road as well with an eval coming up shortly for an appropriate communication/academic device. Good stuff! Up until this past year Sarah had no real drive to communicate-she was very passive, but no more :) Now she is very interested in expressing herself. It is a fun time for sure!

kristin said...

AWESOME news! I can't wait to hear more!!! She and Jackson both ARE bubble freaks!!!
I am still so excited Brooklyn will be at Carlin Park next year, YIPPEE!!

Dave, Tina & Laura Walton said...

Love it! Go Brooklyn! I am so excited about the aug com devices now that I got to see them up close. bubbles must be the thing--we are into them now too:) Take care,tina