Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our locals schools did an amazing job with Dress Up 2 Cure this year! We had eight local schools participate on behalf of Team Brooklyn and we had a BLAST!!! I personally want to thank all of the students, teachers, parents, & administration that helped make this year's even a HUGE success.

Carlin Park Elementary School $521.31
Ryan Park Elementary School $385.72
Angola High School $750.00
Fremont Elementary School $655.00
Fremont Middle School $210.00
Fremont High School $75.00
Trine University $407.00
Brooklyn's Preschool $95.00
GRAND TOTAL $3099.03 (now that is a lot of spare change!!!)


Avery said...

yay, team brooklyn! awesome!

Chiot's Run said...

YEA. That's so great that so many people were invovled.

The MacDonald Family said...

Awesome!! Love the pics!

Brandi and Andrew said...

That is awesome! And looked like everyone had lots of fun.