Friday, March 13, 2009

I had someone just inform me that I have reached 50,000 visitors to this blog, WOW! I want to tell all my friends and family (some of whom check in EVERYDAY) it means the world to me that you love and care for us so much and genuinely want to know what is going on in our lives and with Brooklyn. I started this blog with the intention of keeping everyone up to date with Brooklyn as we were desperately searching to find a diagnosis for our sweet little girl. It has turned into to SO much more!
I have connected with Rett Syndrome moms as well as other special needs mommas! (Ladies - your comments of support, advice, & encouragement continue to mean the world to me!) I have been able to help offer advice to other moms too, which makes me feel great! It also has become therapeutic for me, some days getting my thoughts out here relieves the worry, stress, or sadness I am experiencing that day (and also is a heck of a lot cheaper that therapy!)
I have been able to spread awareness for Rett Syndrome which of course is so dear to my heart and also SO many of you also help financially support research and Girl Power 2 Cure, money which I know is going to one day lead us to a cure for Brooklyn......I can not wait to write my post on that one!!!!!! Until then......keep praying for our family and for that cure and keep checking in on us! I love you all dearly!


Anonymous said...

Kelly, Brooklyn and Charlie,

You guys are loved so much. You are in my prayers every single day!!!
Terri Wenzel

Anonymous said...

Sis ... as you well know I've been in the "Communication Business" just about all my life ... and sometime Dads (at least like me) don't communicate publicly enough about their families. 'That said' I want you to know (and the next 50,000 Visitors) how proud I am for all you do ... for Brooklyn, your extended family of Angels and in this fight to find a cure for this terrible disease. Love, dad

Sam and Finn said...

You all are always on our mind! We are so amazed by the three of you and how hard you work and we want you to know how much we love and miss you guys!

The MacDonald Family said...

Kelly, you're awesome. We've only just met and only via the computer but your tenasity in defeating Rett Syndrome is heard loud and clear! I'm sorry that we're fighting this battle but I'm so glad you're on our team! Hugs from MI.
ps. 50,000 visits!? maybe you should sell advertising space ;0)

Anonymous said...

You, Brooklyn, and Charlie and loved and thought about every single day, if not many times during the day. We love reading your blog and hearing how you and Brooklyn and doing. We are looking forward to the day when you can blog about the cure for Rett Syndrome! Keep plugging away, you will get there.


Margie and George

Karlie Grace said...

Holy cow 50,000! Lol, i'm guilty of checking every single day, sometimes more than once :) I love seeing Butler updates and Kelly, you do such an awesome job of putting Rett information out there. I admire the work you're doing for our girls and feel cruddy for not doing more myself. Keep up the fantastic work, we love ya'll :)