Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sippy Cup HELP!!

I am in DESPERATE need to find this sippy cup (made by Nuby) It needs to have this straw. They have switched their straws to this style and Brooklyn can't use them at all.

The new version is so much harder to suck the liquid up (believe me I tried it myself!)
I have searched stores and online so I am turning to my blogging buddies for help. If you ever see the "old version" please pick them up for me (I will pay you back!!!) We will continue to work with Brooklyn on drinking from other straws of course but these work for her. You all know that we struggle with getting Brooklyn to eat so many days the majority of her calories come from high calorie drinks - so we need these cups!!! I appreciate any help you can give me!!!
*Yes, I am ok with used ones if your kids have used them and "out grown" them - or heck if you seem them at a garage sale - I can sanitize them!*


Samantha said...

Where did you buy these? I can check stores around here for you. We have sippy cups with a similar kind of oval shaped straw - not exactly the same though. Have you tried any other brands?

Chiot's Run said...

I'll check around. You should try contacting Nuby directly. They might have some old one sitting around or might be able to direct you to a store that has the old style. Perhaps a Bib Lots or other closeout store might be a good place since they sell close-outs & old merchendise.

Chiot's Run said...

PS. I also know nothing about sippy cups (no kids) what does the bottom of these look like? Do they have 2 handles?