Friday, February 6, 2009

Grammy and Brooklyn - beginning sounds

I have had quite a few emails asking how exactly my mom is working with Brooklyn on her beginning sounds. I thought I would video tape them this morning. Unfortunately, it is hard to see Brooklyn's eye gaze in this video (not sure if it is the lighting or her glasses.) I still wanted to post it though so you could see how my mom holds up her choices of two items. She has to choose which item has the same beginning sound as the one in the initial picture. Yes - my mom made all the "flash cards" from a preschool workbook.....yes - I know I have the greatest mom in the world! Thanks mom for being such an awesome Grammy!!!


Avery said...

love the new layout!

Beanie, you are one smart cookie!

Caitlyn said...

Good, as long as you know you have the greatest mom in the world!

Brooklyn is going to one of those that get's into medical school or something when the cure is found. Gosh, or even before! There is nothing holding her back!