Sunday, February 22, 2009

I was given this poem and promised to keep the author anonymous.

"A Test, Help Them."

Your Mind Wonders
your eyes water
your heart moves

Little girls
Thirty Thousand strong
full of life, wonder and beauty

I give the world these precious gifts
to see it's heart response
Can each person grow in love

Will you give to break them out of jail?
Their little bodies
Little barred windows in a concrete jail
They smile from that window
but they can't come out and play
Give a prayer first then see what your heart tells you to do
But most of all
Love our girls and remember
this is a gift
An opportunity to feel your soul
if you do, then may God bless you

This poem comes to me at a great time. Today there was amazing new research announced that could be life changing to our girls struggling with Rett Syndrome.


Cheffie-Mom said...

Kelly, what a beautiful and touching poem. I'm so happy to hear about the new research. Give Brooklyn a big hug for me.

Grammy said...

Kelly..I haven't had a chance to get on your blog for a couple of days...WOW...what a heartfelt poem! Whoever wrote it definitely understands what our girls go through - and all the love they show us. How frustrating their lives must be, but how much love and insight they give us. The poem says it all....our girls are a gift and we should be praying and listening to our hearts. We ALL can do more than we are doing to make their lives better! It really made me stop and think. Thank you to whoever wrote need to write more!!!!!