Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear Friends and Family,
Many of you have always asked how to help with Brooklyn, who is suffering from Rett Syndrome, asked what you can do. I need you to consider coming up with a way to participate with us in Dress Up 2 Cure for Team Brooklyn.

*Can you organize a block garage sale and donate part of the proceeds?
*Can you hold a dinner at your church?
*Can we raffle off your services?
*Can your business hold a Casual/Dress Down Day?
*Can you send an email?
*Can you post something on your blog?
*Can your daughter's girl scout troop get involved?
*Click here for a list of other ideas!

We are confident that research funding is the only thing standing between Brooklyn and treatment. We really need your help and would be honored to have you on our team this year. Check out our team page at Then click, "JOIN TEAM BROOKLYN" to get the ball rolling.
Thank you so much!
Kelly & Charlie


Kristin said...

We need to get together soon. I want to get a note in our school news letter this week. Maybe a half page note!!! Carlin Park is SUPER EXCITED to be participating in DRESS UP 2 CURE!!!

Chiot's Run said...

I'm going to be something on my blog. I'm hoping to get people to either upload photos to their blogs or send it to me to put on my blog. I'll be donating for everyone that does it.

Ashland Benner said...

It was a great to open the paper this morning and see a beautiful Christmas picture of the Butlers accompanied by a story on Brooklyn :-)

Kevin said...

i can do something on my blog...but i am not sure what would be best? a post, a tell me:) and i'll do whatever.

Anonymous said...

I am so bummed that my school isn't doing anything to help. It really makes me sad it was my way of helping. I will ask one more time myself today lets be hopeful we are the only school in the area not participating and they know I used to babysit her, they just haven't seen my passion yet.I love that little girl of yours and she just makes me smile and her laugh is so contagious.