Friday, January 30, 2009

Brooklyn's new bath "seat" came in the mail today. I actually opted to not get an actual seat - they all seemed to be up out of the water and Brooklyn seems to like being in the water a lot. This will give us the back support that she needs on the days that she either is not in the mood to hold herself up or not strong enough to; but allows her to still sit on the bottom of the tub, emersed in the water.

Of course, I tried it tonight and she HATED it. She did not want her back to touch the support at all. I ended up pulling her forward so she was still able to sit on the pink pad (which keeps her from sliding) but her back was not touching the support. I hope that she will eventually be ok with this "seat".....if not I just bought a pretty expensive bath mat!


Lesley said...

What about padding it with a towel at first so its not 'cold' when her skin touches it?
You never know how the kids are going to react with something new :)
Anyway, its very cute!!

Avery said...

lesley, I was just thinking the same thing. maybe it is cold and scares her.

Beth said...

Hi Kelly,
Have you tried letting her sit in it outside the tub or just let her touch it outside first, get kinda use to it....then in the water.
who Kelly changes her mind about things all the time...first hated water, then loved it, now loves running water in a sink but not in the tub...go figure?

Felt and Brandi said...

Kelly- where did you find the chair? We have been unsuccessful in looking for one. Does it come in blue? Too cool, I'm sure she will do great with it in time.