Monday, December 15, 2008

Jackson did SUCH AN AMAZING job at the YMCA Christmas program tonight! He sang ALL the words! Brooklyn smiled the whole time - I think she liked watching Jackson's performance!

Brooklyn was also REALLY excited to see her preschool buddies Charlie and Brody at the program AND Miss Gillie was there too:)


Jackson said...

Thanks for coming to my music program!! I had a great time! It was great to have my family there to hear me sing!!

Avery said...

Im sure J-man was excited to have you there, beanie! I think he likes to perform for you :)

Karlie Grace said...

Jackson is such a cutie and i'm glad Brooklyn had a great time as well! I bet her little eyes were sparkling as she watched him sing!

Anonymous said...

J-man I knew you were a good dancer but now I also know you can sing with the best of them as well!

We really enjoyed your Christmas Program ... wonder if Santa was also watching?? He told me you helped your Mom shovel her driveway this week as well. You're piling up the points the week before Christmas!

Love, pappy