Thursday, December 18, 2008

I thought I would post a couple of pictures (I start getting hate mail if I go more that 3 days without a post........shannon ;) !!)
Brooklyn is home from school today (which is why she is still in her jammies.) She is running a low fever, has the yucky nose and is not wanting to eat. I REALLY hope she gets feeling better because we leave for Cincinnati tomorrow night to see Nana, Uncle George and all the cousins!!!


Cheffie-Mom said...

I hope Brooklyn feels better. Have a wonderful and safe trip!

AlyssaGrace said...

I hope that Brooklyn feels better VERY quickly and that you all have a safe a wonderful trip!!!(Sounds like what Alyssa has, doesn't want to eat either : < )

Karlie Grace said...

I hope Miss Brooklyn feels better before you leave. Maybe the extra day at home will do her good. Wishing you a safe and ejoyable trip and wonderful time spent with family!

Brittney Withers said...

What a cutie!! I hope she feels better soon! Have a fun trip.

Alisa said...

Safe travels Butlers!
Get well (((Hugs)))
The Parkers

jerry wilson said...

Noticed you want a Soloflex WBV Platform for Brooklyn. Done.

It's a Chanukah gift from my friend Lois Ellyn Forman in NYC.

Brooklyn should get some benefit from vibration. Lots of customers with MS, CP, fibromyalgia, etc. benefitting from they tell me. Her stander will fit right over it...should work nicely.

Email your shipping address please. We'll get it right out.

Jerry Wilson, pres.

abbysworld said...

Abby has the sickies too. No fever though. Big hugs to you all. Be careful!!!!!!!!!!!