Tuesday, November 25, 2008

After bath Brooklyn and I ended up in my office, I guess to dry her hair (isn't that where everyone keeps their hair dryer....their home office??) Anyway, she was in such a good mood so we hung out in there for awhile, she giggled as I spun her around in my office chair. Man, I love her giggles!


Kelly Carr said...

Brooklyn is so beautiful! What a special family you have!


Alisa said...

Your mommy is such a good stylist! Happy Thanksgiving Brookie Bean!
from the Two Turkeys in Columbus!!!!

Terri said...

Awesome fun. Abby's boutique is at the only free outlet in my living room behind a recliner! Princess chair and Ariel brush and comb included!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sara x said...

Brooklyn looks so cute and happy being twirled around. Hugs to you both xxx

Beth said...

Hi there, Happy Thanksgiving. Hope all is well. Brooklyn is looking great.