Friday, July 11, 2008

We are having SO much fun having Carrie and Avery here with us. Be sure to check out her blog too for more pictures. We really just hung out at the house today (I just realized I might be a boring host!) But we are having so much fun watching the girls.

Here is an ADORABLE picture of Avery.
Check out their arms - they are holding them the EXACT same way!
Brooklyn did get her time in the stander today, which unfortunately became an obstacle for Avery.
I WISH I knew what I was saying here, obviously it was shocking!
Bath time is so much fun with a friend!
She looks just like her daddy in this picture!
Avery let me wash her hair too, I could get used to having her around here......
We were able to take them with us to the horseback riding session too, I bet we see Avery on a horse soon! We wrapped up the day with pizza and Wiggles, it just do not get any better!


Grammy said...

You girls look like you are having a blast. Avery probably wasn't quite as wild in the tub as your cousin Jackson! Did Avery like watching you ride Gus tonight?


georgiamom said...

How fun! I bet you guys are having a blast.

I kind of like the days of hanging out at home better anyway - you get to hang out and watch the girls play!

Megan said...

AWW Brooklyn! You look like you are having so much fun! I miss you and your smiling face already! Make sure mom and dad go out on lots of dates so we can still play together!! Have fun with Avery! See you soon!

Kelly said...

Too precious! I love the pics! You are such a good mommy and friend. You have such a great attitude and love for the simple things!

Kelly (Owen's mom!)

Knowing two Kelly Carr's can be confusing!!!

Lesley said...

They are just tooo cute!!!

abbysworld said...

I just love all the pics. The one with them holding their little hands the same way is priceless.
So glad you guys got together.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE young pussy I want to lick them both clean