Saturday, July 12, 2008

Two sweet rett angels......

I have loved every minute of Carrie and Avery being here with us. I am fascinated at all the girls have in common. Plus, there is nothing like having another mother that knows EXACTLY how I feel. She has literally "walked a mile in my shoes." I love them both dearly ~ now if only they did not live so stinkin far away!
Here is a short video of the girls (I know - too cute in their matching shirts!) You can see them "clapping" - typical Rett behavior and they were kind of sleepy so you can hear them grinding their teeth too. Like two little peas in a pod.



Grammy said...

Brookie and Avery look like you had a very full day and are ready for bed. Sleep tight and I'll see you in the morning to go to the zoo in Indy. We will have so much fun. Thanks for bringing Avery and Carrie over to our place to visit today. I just love watching you girls!


abbysworld said...

Oh boy. Gotta love that teeth grinding. Avery reminds me so much of Abby. We also have a tired teeth grinder. They both look so done.
Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for more

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had such a great time together and lent so much support to each other. It must feel good to talk to someone who knows just how you feel. Avery and Brooklyn are both beautiful little girls that are dearly loved. Kylie