Friday, July 18, 2008

Swing Break

Some people take smoke breaks while they are at work....I take swing breaks!(...and love every second of them!)


Avery said...

so sweet! Miss her.

Avery said...

the other swing is calling Avery's name! :(

Grammy said...

I miss you Brookie Beanie...was it hot there today? It was awful here. Being in the attic didn't help!

See you soon.


Special Needs Mama said...

I love this. You can be in my tribe ANY day!

Kelly said...

Aren't you just loving your new job?! :)

Brittney Withers said...

Hello Kelly,

Thank you for visiting our blog. We would love for you to add us on so we can keep in touch. I am amazed at your blog and how dedicated to you are to Rett Syndrome and your beautiful daughter Brooklyn. You are such an inspiration to all parents out there of children with disabilities. Keep up the good work!

Brittney Withers
Zowie Withers (RS)

Brittney Withers said...

Sorry I forgot to leave my blog address, I'm still new to blogging.

Brittney Withers