Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A few more pictures from Avery's visit!

Do these girls look like trouble or what???? Avery fell and "stuck" right here!
All the fun sure did wear out the girls!
OK...we are ready to start planning our next visit!


Avery said...

help, Ive fallen and I can't get up! I actually think she was probably very content right where she was.

now for that next trip, when is good for you?!?!?

Megan C said...

i absolutely LOVE the picture of the two of them...they look like are planning a sneaky trick on their mom's! :)

georgiamom said...

They totally look like they're up to something in that first picture! So funny!!

abbysworld said...

I added you guys to me page at www.myspace.com/terrivejr
and also to the rett family slide

abbysworld said...

I'd love to have you on there. You could join our support group.

Jessica said...

I know how it feels to meet up with people who "totally" understand where your life is... how GREAT for both your families!! The pictures are just SO cute!!