Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hanging out with Jackson!

We had AMAZING weather here today! A perfect afternoon to have Jackson over to play! Harley and Brooklyn are buddies!
I have no idea what our dog was looking at, it was too funny not to post!
Jackson is becoming quite the little daredevil - face first down the slide is the ONLY way to go!
Jackson stuck around for our evening walk - Charlie fixed him up in the wagon. He wanted Brooklyn right beside him the whole time so he could tickle her feet!
It was a great weekend! I am not really ready to go back to the grind of work but I am slightly motivated because we have vacation coming up!! YIPPEE!!


Avery said...

Brooklyn, that color green looks great on you! You are lucky to have such a sweet cousin!

Sam and Finn said...

Brooklyn, you are looking so grown up these days! Such a beautiful girl! Sam had your t-shirt on today and he is so excited to see you this Summer!