Saturday, May 31, 2008

Brooklyn's Custom AFO's

Yesterday after Brooklyn's Preschool party we headed up to Jackson, Michigan to meet with Dr. Ted. He was great (and sounded just like Grandpa George!) He won Brooklyn over right away by putting a Wiggles DVD on for her! Guess what........Dr.Ted sees four other Rett girls. That was an unexpected (and very welcome) surprise. The AFO's will be custom for her so she was casted for them. That sounds a lot worse than it was. We were in and out pretty quick!
He is GOOD.....Brooklyn never fussed once!
It really was over before we knew it, I think she was more upset that we did not have time to watch the whole Wiggles movie!
Thanks Dr. Ted if you are reading this!! We look forward to seeing you soon to pick them up!


Rebecca said...

Brooklyn your mommy is so on top of it!!! I'm glad you guys got in so fast to get the AFO's, and I hope you get some snazzy colors!

Anonymous said...

It is so amazing how quick those molds form for the AFOs. Owen has some too! He choose to have blues clues characters on his first set. Then for the second set he choose Veggie Tales! He really did pick the characters himself. So cute!

I love her picktales. She is beautiful. We hope to meet her soon! I have summers off so maybe we can plan something!


Sam and Finn said...

You look like you were very brave Brooklyn! (You too Mommy and Daddy!)