Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dinner with the Benner's

Tyler, Racheal, and Ashland came over for a cookout tonight. It was so good to see them!

They seemed to be hitting it off.....
Yep! Kisses for Brooklyn!
Their giggles while they were playing blocks melted my heart!
Thanks for coming over and hanging out with us, we need to do it more often!


Avery said...

brooklyn, I cant wait to see that smile in person! :)

Grammy said...

Brooklyn, looks like you had lots of fun with Ashland and his mommy and daddy!


Sam and Finn said...

We can't help but feel a little jealous! You are so stinkin' cute in those pigtails!

Anonymous said...

What a cute couple...but then again Brooklyn looks cute with any of her friends.

It sure was fun getting to hold you in Gatlinburg. We sure wish we could see you more often.


Grandma Margie and Grandpa George.

Elijah, Adrielle, & Ezra Rhodus said...

uh,Oh!!! How many boys have kissed sweet lil' Brooklyn now? Does her father know about all of this? I better keep my boys away! She is just to irresistable for sure! Way to kissable :)