Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day at the zoo

Grammy, Aunt Kristin, Jackson, and Brooklyn all went to the Fort Wayne Zoo WITHOUT me today!
Grammy hooked up this umbrella to her stroller for shade today, her sun shade has not come in yet from AdaptiveMall.
Jackson and Brooklyn "riding" on the play train.
Grammy and Brooklyn on the REAL train
Everyone on the train (everyone but me that is; who was stuck at work!)

They had a BLAST! They did stop in to say hello to me at work on their way back into town so I got to get a big kiss from Brooklyn which helped me make it through the rest of the day!


Grammy said...

Brooklyn, we did have fun at the zoo, didn't we! It's fun when Jackson goes, too. We'll have to plan a trip to the Toledo Zoo soon. Let's plan it when Mommy can come with us.


Avery said...

Fun! I wish we had a nice zoo closer to us. Brooklyn, you sure do have a ton of people that love you!

Alisa said...

awww... maybe next time mommy but looks like grammy kept her well entertained! You know more about what's going on in Columbus than I do! Had no idea Disney was coming to crew stadium!!! I got tickets for Disney live clubhouse in October here but that's it so far. I'll keep you posted on the August event. Sounds neat!
The Parkers

Sam and Finn said...

That looks like so much fun! We love the zoo! I bet you missed your Mommy so much!

The Lashers said...

Brooklyn, did you see So You Think You Can Dance last night? One of the dances was choreographed for the chirographer’s little girl who has Retts. That was really cool!!!