Friday, May 9, 2008

Strike a Pose.....

Tonight was the annual Mother/Daughter banquet at our church. They mixed it up a little bit by having a "fashion show" as part of the evening. Yours truly took part as well as Grammy and Brooklyn. Aunt Kristin came to laugh at us (I mean enjoy the show) and thank goodness she was there; she helped me get Brooklyn ready and kept her giggling most of the night! I just realized when I started posting that I do not have a full length picture of any of our outfits, I guess you will just have to take my word for it....we were all stunning :) Honestly - Brooklyn stole the show but did we all expect anything less? Mom and I were merely her back-up's.
Me, Brooklyn, one of my great friends Kylie, her niece Morgan and her daughter Avery.

It was a fun night. We joked at dinner how we had not been to a mother/daughter banquet in years! My Gram and mom used to force Kristin and I to go every year. It is funny now that I am a little older (and more mature) I cherish those memories of us with my mom and Gram dressing up, eating way too much food, and laughing as one of us sings the wrong words to the songs (the women in my family are notorious for that) Tonight was one of those nights. I hope a memory for Brooklyn; hanging out with her mom, Grammy, and Aunt Kristin as we dressed up, ate too much food and laughed A LOT.
I love you mom! I bet Gram was looking down at us tonight and smiling!


Sam and Finn said...

You ladies look gorgeous! What fun!

Avery said...

lookin' good! :)

Grammy said...

Brooklyn, I know your "Great Gram" was watching you steal the show! She and "Pap" would have loved you and Jackson! I love you! AND a big thanks to you, Kelly and Kristin, for sharing the memory.