Friday, May 9, 2008

Our last PT appointment with Nan

We are going to miss Nan SO much (we are going to miss ALL of our therapists that worked with Brooklyn through the Early Intervention!) Nan was just the lucky (or unlucky) one that I needed to video tape to help me remember all the stretches/exercises we need to continue with Brooklyn. (Thanks Nan for agreeing to let me film you!)

This video shows her working on shifting her weight from one leg to the other and a little bit of balancing. (She was a tiny bit fussy yesterday because she was sleepy but overall we had a pretty good last session.) continued search for private therapy.


Avery said...

(patting self on back) I do believe that was my brillant idea! ;) j/k

Avery said...

forgot to say, Brooklyn you are working so hard. Keep up the good work!