Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Preschool Visit

We visited the preschool and met Brooklyn's teacher today. She seemed very nice! She included her in all of the activities today which was great! We will actually be starting in May instead of waiting till September. It will give her almost 4 weeks to hang out with her classmates. This was taken on our way home from preschool, pretty happy kiddo!
They put band aides on their thumbs to find their "thumbkin" and painted their index finger with black nail polish for "pointer" - you know the song....and now you are all singing it in your head (and will be the rest of the day!!)
We have her evaluation on Monday and then her IEP meeting on Thursday. I did notice that there was not a stander or any adaptive seating in the classroom. Her teacher said she would be talking to the PT to see that she gets what she needs......that made me happy.
So far....we are off to a good start with the preschool experience!


Avery said...

Brooklyn, you will have such a good time at school! Mommy, it will be ok, your baby will do AWESOME! :)

Alisa said...

So glad to hear it's been positive so far. I bet she will LOVE It and it will be good for you too! Andersen and Ava go to Early Intervention three days a week and it's been super for all of us. I just had a meeting today about them getting tested in August and we'll see then if they qualify in any area for the special needs preschool. We will be getting our first IEP next fall. Why do they have to grow up?!!
Hugs to you all for this new journey,
Andersen and Ava's Momma

georgiamom said...

The preschool sounds nice! I love the thumbkin, pointer thing they do. I'd love to sit in on Riley's school and see what they actually do with her during the day - I may send my mom in as a spy.

However so far Riley's experience has been great, she is always so happy and smiley when I come pick her up. I bet Brooklyn will love it too!

Beth said...

Hi Kelly
Brooklyn will love preschool. Kelly absolutely does.
Make sure that the stander that was not in the class room is specified in your IEP.
Good luck
Mom to angel Kelly and her twin Sabrina