Friday, January 18, 2008

We LOVE Dr. Buerk

Brooklyn's appointment went SO well yesterday. The BEST part was that he knows about Rett Syndrome (all you Rett moms know how HUGE that is.) It always saves tons of time not having to give the mini version of the Rett Handbook prior to starting the appointment. He sees four other girls with Rett Syndrome.
The appointment started out fantastic, his nurse was so sweet (and a twin, we love twins!) She loved on Brooklyn and asked how I was doing since the diagnosis. Very sweet! Dr. Buerk was amazing and very encouraging that we are doing all the right things. He had x-rays done and her hips/legs/back look great...just what we were hoping to hear! I am pretty sure Brooklyn was flirting with him the ENTIRE time. (Hey, whatever makes the appointment go smooth!) He said our goal is to get her to walk and he will be here to help her out along the way to that goal. SO....we made an appointment for a year from now and can check that appointment me off our "to do" list!

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Sam and Finn said...

Yeah Brook! We are so glad you had a great Doctor's appointment!