Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I thought I would post a quick update on everything Brooklyn is into these days. She LOVES her "Music Together" class on Tuesdays - I need to take some video of her - she has a constant grin on her face and I actually heard some belly laughs this week. On Wednesday mornings she goes to "StoryTime" with Grammy at our public library. They read books, sings songs, and Brooklyn brought me home a craft she made...a beautiful snowflake! Plus they checked out some library books. It does not get much better that NEW books to read together. She really is thriving with her one on one therapy help from Grammy each day.
We head to Toledo tomorrow to see Dr. Buerk (her pediatric orthopaedic surgeon) for the first time. She seems to be throwing her left hip out at times when we are working on walking with her. Then on Saturday we go to see a new eye doctor in Fort Wayne, although I have not noticed her crossing her eyes much at all the past few days so we may not get much of an evaluation this weekend. Ok...I think that sums it up for today.


Elijah, Adrielle, & Ezra Rhodus said...

Music class sounds so fun! We love our story time at the library too. We will be praying for you and hope everything goes well tomorrow!

Aunt Kristin said...

Jackson loves going to music class with you Brooke! Guess what...I am going to go to Ft Wayne with you tomorrow. Maybe we can get some shopping in, just us girls!?!?!?