Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our latest concern/crossing her eyes

Our latest concern with Brooklyn is that she has started to cross her eyes. Some days she does it a lot, others not too much. I looked it up in my handy "Rett Syndrome" hand book. There are comments ranging from "it is a normal part of development" to "it can affect her vision if you do not patch the strong eye and make her use the weak one." could be nothing or our next something huge to deal with. I think I will probably try to get her into the eye doctor sometime this week in between our meeting with the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities to complete the medical waiver registration process and her hearing test with her ENT to make sure her string of ear infections did not do any major damage. As usual, keep her in your prayers.


Rebecca said...

I hope you get some answers about the eyes. Caitlyn's right eye turns in. She hasn't had to do a patch (although I'm a bad mom and she hasn't been back to the doctor in quite awhile.) But Caitlyn does have bi-focal glasses. Ofcourse her hand control is just enough to pull them off of her face! How exciting that you are completing the medical waiver process! Our "wonderful" state out here has no waiver program...Caitlyn qualified as medically needy, but we were told that she would have to have 13,000 in medical expenses in the first 6 months to get insurance! I hope all turns out ok with all of the appointments!

Sam and Finn said...

Brook you are in our thoughts and prayers We miss you and your Mommy and Daddy lots!