Thursday, December 13, 2007

No, This is not a wet suit. They are called "Theratogs." Nan, my PT brought them for me to try. Grammy said I seemed a little overwhelmed with them but I am open to trying them out again. I needed a smaller size though.
I am sure I will write more about this crazy looking "suit" in the future! For now, I just wanted to show you what we tried in therapy today!


Grammy said...

Brooklyn, you were a little trooper yesterday....we were doing a lot of different things wtih you !


Rebecca said...

Looks like your getting ready to go sky diving, Brooklyn! How is the weight gain going? Here is a new one to try: 1/3 cup coconut milk with 2/3 cup whole milk and then some sugar to sweeten. Caitlyn didn't care too much for it, but when I made a milk shake with mango Icecream and the coconut milk mix she drank it up!

Also, the table cream is going great here! We put it in oatmeal and eggs. Sour cream is also great with eggs. Hope Brooklyn is packing on the pounds!

Melyssa said...

You look like a super hero to me! I think that description fits pretty well!!!