Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Equipment

This is Brooklyn's new Rifton Stander which we are borrowing from Children First Center. It is nice to be able to try it out before ordering a $2,500 piece of equipment! Although the newer ones that we are looking at are a little smaller in overall size. This stander allows her to stand without support from me or Charlie. It does not make her work as hard as when we are assisting her in "free standing" but it is helping more than sitting all of the time. One of our goals is to build her strength in her legs.
As you can see, the tray allows her to play with toys, color, etc. Or as you see here she can simply stand and watch The Wiggles on Disney!
Grammy found Brooklyn some cool new "ball" crayons. We think they might be easier for her to grasp. Tonight was out first attempt with them. Not bad for a first try really. Thanks again mom for the new crayons!


Melyssa said...

Great coloring Brooklyn! Good work with your new equipment!!!

Rebecca said...

I saw those crayons in the store today...Let me know what you guys think. I was wondering about the tips...can you just get replacements, or do you have to buy brand new crayons?

Aunt Kristin said...

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for those crayons for you! I am so glad grammy found them!!