Thursday, November 29, 2007

Music Class

Mommy and I are all signed up for our "Music Together" class. Our first class is January 8th and I can't wait. Aunt Kristin and Jackson are going to be in our class too. Molly Stock took me as a guest to her class earlier this year and I had so much fun that mommy HAD to register me for the Winter session! All of my doctors say that music therapy is so helpful but I think it is just plain fun! I am sure I will have many more posts in the future about my music together classes!


Sam and Finn said...

That sounds like lots of fun! I know how much you like the Wiggles music! Mommy time is the best.

Melyssa said...

Molly had so much fun too! I am glad you posted this . . . I haven't sent my registration in yet!! OOPS!

Aunt Kristin said...

Jackson & I can't wait for music class to start! We will have a BLAST!!